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*** - Complete
# - Current
% - Abandoned/ Drop (I will mark this for posts not updated in two weeks or so)
!!! - Mature/ Trigger Warning

Kanaya, Homestuck
Stitch, Lilo & Stitch

Carlos The Scientist, Welcome To Night Vale - now at mountainofevidence
Kotetsu/ Wild Tiger, Tiger & Bunny - now at herotvlive
Agnes Joubert, Tiger & Bunny - now at herotvlive
Donna Noble, Doctor Who - now at oisunshine



Body Heat  - w/ Dave (godofturntablism) ***
Cape cuddles and accidentally almost  Kanaya <>Dave

Ostensibly Alive - w/ Dave (godofturntablism) ***
Dancing, drinks, possibly confessions of Things Which Need To Be Said

Music of the Spheres w/ Jade (daringdreamer) ***
The Space players take a joyride on the battleship!

No Troll Patrick Swayze - w/ Tavros ***
In which two Trolls attend a swanky party and attempt dancing. No injuries so far...

Surrounded by Striders (Who Are An Embarrassment To Fashion) - w/ Karkat %
Who decided to let Dave have a PIRATE COAT?!

maze2 freak me out - w/ Sollux # !!!
In which a Rainbow Drinker and a psionic are trapped in a homicidal maze.
Jegus help whoever put them there... (TW: Creative, horrible death. Blood. Gore. EVERYWHERE.)


Cowabunga! (For the "Icons First" Meme) - w/ Winry, FMA ***
Stitch was all set to watch a monster movie... but Winry can build things that ACTUALLY DESTROY STUFF! Let's do that instead!

Road Trip! (for the "Road Trip" Meme) - w/ Winry, FMA %
Vroom vroom!

Never Have I Ever Been An Alien (for the "Never Have I Ever" meme) - w/ Winry, FMA ***

A Tale of Cute and Fluffy - w/ Kino, Kino's Journey %
Stitch meets a Traveler and a motorrad in the desert. Then they shoot zombies. YAY!

Hitchhiker - w/ River, Firefly %
There's a stowaway aboard Serenity...

The Blue Fuzzy Thing Meets Xena Warrior Princess - w/ Rachel, Animorphs #
The Yeerks just captured the WRONG fluffy experiment!

Monster in the closet - w/ Randall Boggs, Monsters INC #
Just another night of scaring at Monsters INC - too bad the kid has a "dog"...

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