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Bookmarks - December 2013

First month of RP have been quite fun! I'm still mucking about and learning the system.

Is there a way to save conversations that I'm missing?

If not, just going to make a list here.


Can't Sleep - w/ Cecil (complete) (Dealing with the aftermath of "Cassette")


Body Heat - w/ Dave (complete)  (cape cuddles and accidentally almost  Kanaya <>Dave)

Agnes/ Kotetsu

Ratings Never Sleep - w/ Alastor from Viewtiful Joe


Birthday Dinner (in dear_mun) - w/ Origami Cyclone


In other news, went ahead and made Carlos his own account - MountainOfEvidence

Might make a separate one for the T&B characters to share - HeroTVLive, LiveFromSternbild, something like that.

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[personal profile] dray 2014-01-07 02:15 am (UTC)(link)
Saw you on the roll call meme and decided to investigate; I like your writing! (Of course I'm a HS fan so I gravitated to Kanaya, but I don't really have an HS characters of my own so I can't say I have canonmates to offer. :o) I just wanted to mention that a couple of your links go to the same place, thar: the Carlos and Kanaya ones both seem to link to a Body Heat meme or something?

Anyways, I hear you on wishing to have one place to save all the threads. So far I've had sort-of-okay luck with keeping one journal per character, and then saving all of the threads (if I like them, if I think they're going somewhere and I might like to have 'em for reference somewhere!) -- some people get pretty anal retentive with their lists, me probably being one of them. I liked the idea of including a key and symbols to suggest what's completed and what's still in the works: an example from one'a my character journals of keeping track of old logs.

So, anyhow, hi! I hope I'm not in the wrong place to give you a holler. :D