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Since several characters play out of this account, I'm going to put all their permissions in one place! Feel free to Comment or PM with any questions!

Current Roster:

Kanaya, Homestuck
Stitch, Lilo & Stitch


Kanaya, Homestuck
  • Timeline: Anything up to Karkat being stabbed by Jane
  • Injuries: She's pretty hard to kill, given that she's
    • A member of an alien race bread for war
    • Essentially a vampire
    • An expert with a chainsaw. She'd prefer tea and snark, but you are cordially invited to Bring It On.
  • Death: No (UNLESS it's related to her canon deaths on Prospit and the Meteor)
  • Relationships
    • Gen: Open to all - castmates and crossovers always welcome!
    • Moirail: Open to all (except Vriska), especially castmates Karkat and Eridan
    • Matespirt: Rose only
    • Kismesis: Eridan, Vriska, Gamzee (PM me if you've got someone else you want to try Pitch!)
    • Ash: None
    • Smut - Probably not - unless posted in a smut meme or PM first
  • Typing Quirk
    • Kanaya Types In All Green And In Capitol Letters. If you would like me to drop the quirk, please PM.

Stitch, Lilo & Stitch
  • Time: Any point in the two movies (You can have Experiment 626, Good Stitch, whatever!)
  • Injuries: Stitch is blue, fuzzy, and NIGH IDESTRUCTIBLE! He can catch lasers, take a direct hit from a semi, and hula to Elvis. Do your worst!
  • Death: No
  • Relationships
    • Gen: Castmates and crossovers always welcome! (Castmates get EXTRA LOVE for being awesome!)
    • Romantic: No
    • Smut: NO
  • Language Options - Stitch understands all languages, or at least the meaning. Learning to speak them takes longer. He was designed for a society that uses automatic translation. (I try to verify what level you want, but PM with preferences!)
    • Alien Language Babble - Bad! or Amnesia! Stitch -  Most will hear this as gibberish - To translate, your character will need advanced tech or psychic powers
    • Babbling/English - Somewhat understandable
    • Mostly English/Hawaiian, some Babble -  Good! Stitch  - This is his language state at the end of the first movie and the TV show.

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